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When facing financial difficulties, covering rent expenses can be a daunting challenge. For those at risk of eviction, seeking assistance becomes crucial. In times of need, turning to churches that help with rent can be a viable solution. In this article, we will explore the churches that provide rental assistance, how they offer help, and how you can find these churches near you.

Churches Providing Rental Assistance

Churches across the United States run their own assistance programs to aid low-income families and vulnerable individuals. Among the various actions taken by religious entities, some churches specifically focus on helping with rent payments. If you find yourself in financial distress and unable to afford rent, you can seek assistance from these churches. Below, we provide a list of churches that offer help in your area.

  1. Catholic Charities: One of the largest charities in the world, Catholic Charities has over 25,000 offices globally, benefitting around 20,000,000 people. Besides providing rental assistance, Catholic Charities also offers aid for emergency payments to prevent eviction and foreclosure. They have a special relocation program that includes shelters for the homeless. You can easily locate a Catholic Charities chapter in your state or city of residence.
  1. The Salvation Army: One of the largest Christian groups in the United States, The Salvation Army offers various services, including rent assistance. Additionally, they provide free toy programs during Christmas, dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas, help with utility bills, free food distribution, and more. With numerous chapters throughout the country, finding a Salvation Army location near you is simple.
  1. United Methodist Church: This church primarily focuses on providing short-term relief. They offer emergency financial aid for rent payments and also assist with overnight accommodation centers, shelters, and subsidies for public services. If you are facing eviction, you can seek help from a United Methodist Church near your location.
  1. Lutheran Social Services: Although not a church itself, Lutheran Social Services brings together several Lutheran churches in the country. Among their many programs, they offer financial assistance for rent, usually targeted at low-income families. To qualify, you may need to meet certain income criteria. Check their addresses and contact numbers to get in touch with Lutheran Social Services.
  1. Churches United for Fair Housing: This is a network of churches that help individuals facing economic difficulties, particularly those who are homeless. Besides rent assistance, they provide shelter and aid programs for food, clothing, job searches, education, and more. While their main offices are in New York, you can reach out to them for help in other states as well.
  1. Jewish Federation of North America: The main goal of this organization is to assist the homeless by providing tailored assistance. They often help with rent payments and utility bills. With affiliates in over 70 countries, including the United States, you can locate a Jewish Federation of North America headquarters nearby.
  1. St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church: As one of the largest and most powerful religious institutions in the country, St. Vincent De Paul offers emergency cash assistance for rent and mortgage payments. They also have support groups and programs for homeless individuals and low-income families, helping with job searches, debt management, foreclosure prevention, and more. With branches nationwide, you can find a St. Vincent De Paul church in your vicinity.


In times of financial hardship, turning to churches that help with rent can provide the necessary support to prevent eviction and ease the burden of housing costs. The mentioned churches and organizations offer valuable assistance to those in need. By seeking help from these religious entities, you can receive the support and relief you require during challenging times.

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